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Execution of full scope of high-quality geodetic engineering in construction.



About the company:

There are about forty geodetic companies in St. Petersburg. But most of them work in several strands and take all geodesic works while we're oriented exclusively to construction. That's the main feature of our company.

Notwithstanding the company is pretty young our employees have an experience of about ten years in geodetic engineering. We're always on the forefront of the latest innovations in site engineering. By this day, about 20 projects have been implemented in St. Petersburg with involvement of our company. 70% of them are monolithic buildings, both residential and non-residential. Also we participated in construction of the orbital motorway, suburban villa communities (more than 500 houses) and the harbor in Ust-Luga et c.

I'd like to ephasize we're specialised in geodetic forwarding of construction works.


Our team:

While selecting the specialists for geodetic works we laid emphasis on those having extensive experience (not less than of 5 years) in site engineering. All our employees have proper education specialized in geodesics.



Primarily we deal with Swiss devices by LeicaGeosystems. This is a reputable equipment mostly oriented to construction, not to field work. It is able to function at extremely low temperatures and in the rain. All our equipment has relevant actual test certificates.